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Tips For Rolling Out Replacement Software For Your Enterprise

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In the world of business, a company is only as successful as its software. You’ll need many programs to keep your business running, including accounting and project management tools along with cybersecurity software to protect these investments. Just like with your cybersecurity, you will also eventually need to update your other software packages to keep up with the competition. Here at EvolutionIT, we understand how involved replacing your software can be, so we have some tips on what to look out for and how to make the process easier.

Research The Proper Software

Before you roll out any replacement software, you need to ensure that it is right for your company. Take the time to research the program inside and out to make sure it can be used efficiently for your business needs. At a minimum, bring in a professional consultant that can give you guidance.

Verify The Costs

You’ll want to check and double-check that you have the funds in your budget to support this rollout. In addition to the price of the replacement software, you will also need to account for the cost of training materials, employee hours and so on. Make modifications if the program cuts too far into the budget.


From the day you purchase the replacement software to the day that it is fully implemented, you will need to keep your employees up to date with quality communication. Let them know how the new software will operate, how it will affect their specific jobs, and when they should expect to see the changes.

Listen To Concerns

Once you have rolled out the replacement, take the time to survey the employees and get their feedback on the new software. Is it meeting all of their needs? Do they have any questions? Is there anything the software could do better? Document their findings and find improvements in necessary.

Provide Training Documentation

In addition to rolling out the replacement and getting feedback, be sure to provide easy-to-follow instructions and documentation so your employees know how to use the updated software to its maximum potential. As you continue to learn about the software, also continue to update the documentation.

Set Objectives

Instead of just rolling out the replacement software and hoping for the best down the line, create objectives and time frames for when those objectives should be met. Doing this will ensure that you are always on top of every aspect of the transition.

Verify How This Tech Will Impact Your Other Systems

Keep in mind that while this new replacement software might solve a lot of your concerns in one arena, you also need to know how this program will affect your other systems. For instance, if you are rolling out new payroll software, how will this affect how employees clock in and out? You’ll need to know the important details.

Try To Break The System

Once your replacement software is in play, you will want to ensure that it will stay strong for the long haul by having your best employees see if the software can be broken by testing and trying every process they know. You don’t want them planting viruses but if an everyday task causes issues, then you have more work to do.

Deploy In Parts

If there are several components to roll out with this new software, consider deploying the overall program in smaller parts. This way, it will be easier to see if one part of the program isn’t working so your entire department isn’t compromised.

Don’t Rush

Even though you may be excited to implement the replacement software, you must not rush the process. Take it slow and test non-stop. If the software turns out to not be as effective as your previous version then you may want to roll back, and that’s okay.

Don’t Forget Cybersecurity

Perhaps the most important step in your rollout strategy should be to ensure that the software is secure and protected against cyberthreats. Have an expert come in and check for vulnerabilities and have them patched now before the program is set out into the wild.

At EvolutionIT, we can be instrumental in ensuring that your software rollout is clean and virus-proof. If your company needs help from the best, contact us at 801-809-9369.

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